Présente le d'abord : His name is Walter Terood
son métier : He is.....
si il a de la famille et ou il habite : He has.......      He is....
presente son/ses pouvoirs et dit d'ou vient son nom : He has an incredible power :.....that's why he is nemed "Incredible".
tu dit que quand il ne travail pas il va aider les autre par exemple : when he is not working, he help people with his powers.
présente son costume : His costum is ......
dit qu'il a déja sauver des gens (qui se battaient) : he already saved people who were, fighting. 

A superhero who's called Incredible lives near Boston in America, his real name is  Walter Terood. He is tall, with brown hair and green eyes, he is 33 years old. His costume is red and black with a bit of yellow, he runs fast and jumps high. He always helps someone,sometimes it's a cat stuck a tree or a dog.

My superhero is the best of all !!!!!!!!!!!!!