Meilleure réponse !
I) Il faut juste que tu t'entraînes à lire pour la prononciation

1) What does Mike do for a living? He is.....
2) Where does Mike work? He works............
3) Is he working at teh moment? Yes, he is.....
4) What does he have to do? He has to jump.....

1) He has worked on more than 250 films.
2) He has been working on James Bond, Superman and Indiana Jones films
3) He organizes stunt scenes,hires the stunt people and prepares the props.
4)  He keeps fit and healthy and limits the risks as much as possible.It can take him weeks to prepare a stunt for just a few seconds on the screen.
5) In spite of several broken bones, his family isn't too worried because most of them are stunt people too. En + court : Most of his family are stunt people too.
6) He loves what he's doing now as much as when he started and he's extremely (fabulously) well paid.

J'espère avoir répondu correctement . Pour le III, je savais pas trop s'il fallait continuer les phrases avec les phrases exactes du texte