Once upon a time, i was sleeping in my bed. I used to live near a big black forrest. I saw a light in the hood and i decided to go out in order to know what it is. It was cold and rainy, and i was shirtless. When i came to the hood, i saw a very strange engine in the air, it xas very bright and there was no sound, not a bird or animal making noise. the strange thing was big like a house and floatting gently. There was a sense of petry and i felt very good. When i wake up, i was in my bed. Was it a dream or the reality?
Bah, je comprend certains mots (du moins je les dévine grâce au sens de chaque phrase), mais la prof nous a demandé un paragraphe disant ce que nous avons réellement vu (tout en imaginant..) Je sais pas si tu comprends ._.
non tu veux que je fasse quoi
J'ai déjà commencé ça, regarde (c'est mon niveau) "Last night, I was with my friend in a park. It was a freezing night.. All the stars were out and it was very gorgeous.. but we heard a strange noise. We walked in this direction.. we saw shake trees ! In them, there was a strange form... We were afraid and we prefered leave this place." Je voudrais juste que ce soit plus long.. Par exemple, tu pourrais reprendre le même contexte en rajoutant des petites choses "simples" comme ci-dessus ? Merci..
but i felt like my body was paralyzed. I couldn't move anymore. My friend has disappered.
Ca devrait faire l'affaire, merci :)