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for example
At home,

 you mustn't dirty home, you can help mum for cleaning,

you can help dad to gardening

At my bedroom,

You mustn't make a noise, you must be quiet, you can read books, you mustn't eat and drink , you mustn't wear shoes .....

Meilleure réponse !
At home, you must respect your parents;
Youst must do your homeworks when you come back from school
You must be on time at lunch and dinner time.
You can help your mum for cooking and washing up.
You must switch off the light not too late if you go to school the next day.
On week ends you can help your parents with chores

Your bedroom is your property
You must make your bed every morning.
You must tidy up your room.
You must sweep the floor once a week

oui stp
A la maison, tu dois respecter tes parents; Tu (you et pas youst !dslé) dois(must) faire tes devoirs quand tu rentres de l'école; Tu dois(must) être à l'heure pour le déjeuner et le dîner; Tu peux (can) aider ta mère à cuisiner et à faire la vaisselle (to wash up) ; Tu dois(must) éteindre la lumière (to switch of the light) pas trop tard si tu vas à l'école le lendemain; Les week ends tu peux(can) aider tes parents aux tâches ménagères (chores);
Ta chambre est ton domaine; Tu dois (must) faire ton lit chaque matin; Tu dois (must) ranger (to tidy up) ta chambre; Tu dois passer l'aspirateur (to sweep the floor) une fois (once) par semaine (a week). Ca ira ?????
merci beaucoup de ton aide
de rien !!!