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C obligé ou pas la sécurité 
tu peux parler des voisins et la musique par exemplle 
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I don't feel safe in my neighborhood there are a lot of criminals, drug traffickers. One day I came home from work and I saw a kind of big group of boys,so I wanted to see what was going on here, and a boy saw me so all of them ran away , but one boy stayed, on the ground I was paniced, i didn't know if i should or not go see him. after a little reflexion, i decided to call the police and they thought it was a joke so they didn't came. I stayed all the night hiding because i was scared and when the sunrise arrived i ran to my house, and i didn't went out of it for 10 days i was to scared that someone would be waiting for me. Know i am planning of moving, never i will feel good in my house again.

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