Meilleure réponse !
Once upon a time, a little girl named Jessie walked in the forest next to her grand-mother house. On her way she saw a beautiful lake with a blue water like the sky, when at the bottom she saw a beautiful pink flower. She would take the flower but the fell in lake. And she arrived in a wonderful world. She passed some days in the magic world with news friends but a morning a dragon comes capture Jessie and took her in his kingdom. During 3 days she was very sad, because she was locked in a tower. At night a fairy came and says: "- I'm a fairy, I'm here for save you of the malefic dragon ! "
With her magic nagette fact appared a Unicorn !!
And Jessie was amaze buy this amazing horse ! She climbed on and at the same moment the dragon was behind the door and try to open the door but his long claws prevents him.
So he lets the time at jessie to escape of the tower.
The fairy retourned jessie at her grand-mother .

On te laisse rajouter tout les detail qui en ferons une super histoire