Bonsoir, voici mon essai, pouvez vous voir s'il y a des fautees svp ?

When we speak about space and exchange, we can evoke the studies aboard. Study at aboard is a dream that many students share. Idea of the study aboard is various. Numerous school, university propose differents programs to study in aboard. So what are the advantages and drawbacks to go study in aboard ? The studies in other contry open apportunity to discover new horizon, new culture. It interressing to learn differents way of life. This gives us a bigger oppen-midedness and caraticism sense on what we make in France ( It is diffrent according the country ). It also brings a oppen-cultural. Many people have not concact with foreign personnes.Then this permit to be bilingue. It is clearer to learn the language is necessary to practice the language, so why not go at the abroad country to speak and listent the language evryday ?In the profesional point learn a language which are diffrent of our, ease the hierarchical incluse. For a futur profesion, it permit to acquire a good CV. Indeed the boss hire someone that he have lot of experiences, a replet and original CV that someone who make a traditional studies. This last have not anything benefics for the entreprise. And thus the boss favou someone who are most interesting in profesional point.Go aboard can allow widen the social reseau, that is contact in share capital form.Although exist many advantage to study aboard, they have nonetheless many disadvantages such as the price of this travel. Ineed, even students receive grant to fiance their studies , it not be enough for the differents costs. Furthermore, it neccesary to have a wide maturity, to accept the majority of happening. Students go aboard alone, a long way of their family. This is not a easy situation for young person who has passed the Baccalaureat. Lastly, they haven't paternship with french university, and therefore not dual degrees . However with the LCD reform most americains and europeans degrees are admitted.
For conclusion as for as I'm concerned, the idea of the studies at aboard is conceivable because I like travel, discover new culture, and I'm very motivated to learn new language but here I can't it. Aboard is maybe the solution for me. Then this can bring me lot of things in the profesional and social field. I have lot of family in various place ( country ) of the word, so I would not be alone. Moreover many of my cousins study abroad, and this is things that they like it.



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