Qui peut me corriger ce texte en anglais, vérifier si j'ai fait des fautes importantes ?

We moved to New Orleans and when I was six years old, my parents accepted my integration of the New Orleans School System. I participated in teh integration of the New Orleans School System.I was the first African American Child to attend an all-white elementary school.
As soon, as i went into the school, white parents went in and brought their own children.Many white parents and this children were outside the school, they protested. The teachers refused to teach while I was here,a black chil in their school. But I remember there was a very nice white teacher. She accepted to teach. I was alone in the classroom.
I was very sad and this situation was not good and I suffered for the situation. A white child amond blacks children !



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When we arrived there, we had to choose a new school. We deceided I would go at The New Orleans elementary school.
In this school normally they only accepted white people. I was then the first student with African origins to be accepted in that school.
Nevertheless, when we reached the school on the first day, all the parents coming with their children considered it was an issue. They deceided to stay out of the school to show they were not happy with the situation. 
Fortunatelly, one of the white teacher asked me to come and she told me she would be my private teacher.
This was a diffucult situation for me as a black child not to be accepted only because of the color of my skin.