Alors voila j'ai un devoir a faire pour après demain en anglais, le but est d'écrire un souvenir d'enfance en ANGLAIS bien sur mais moi je suis un peu une taupe en anglais et je vouais vous demandez si sa serait possible que vous me traduisiez mon texte en anglais. Voila si cela ne vous dérange pas dit moi que je vous donne mon texte. Merci d'avance.



Je veux bien te le traduire :)
I remember like it was yesterday, this first day at school when my mom dropped me off at kindergarten. Before leaving, she kissed my forehead. I was afraid that she never came back. She was smiling, I do not understood. I thought she was going to abandon me.. I saw around me, a lot of children who cried. They sought their moms. Some adults took us by our hands.. during all these years my mom keep me with her, why she left me here? During the next hours, we were sitted on chairs and these adults
called us one by one. Then I wanted to go to the toilets but they did not care about us. I was misunderstood.. Even humiliated because one of them took my arm for put me in my chair.
I thought these adults considered us as their own child because we were just babies and our parents were not there to defend us. When these adults took us by our hands it was a way to humble ourselves without anyone knowing. I still remember that.
y'a des choses où j'ai du mal et je sais pas vraiment, mais dans l'ensemble ça me semble correct..
Je te remercie énormément.
I remember…
When I was little, I would only eat popcorn one at a time. I was a goody-goody child, and I thought that was the only way to eat the snack. One day, while my family was watching a documentary in some aquarium in Texas - I must have been around 5 years old - I saw the girl sitting in front of me eating the popcorn  by twos and threes. I was astonished. I followed her lead and have not turned back ever since.
C'est gentil mais j'ai besoin d'un texte de 800 mots :/