Expression écrite en continu / éléments à respecter pour votre mission :

- ne pas mentionner le nom de la personne anglophone choisi
- donner sa date de naissance nationalité et éventuellement des critères physiques
- dire le ou les métier que cette personne a fait où fait
- donner deux trois événements importants de sa vie (date + preterit)
- faire un bilan de sa carrière présent perfect et expliquer pourquoi vous l'apprécier .

j'aimerais sur Rihanna svp

Je peux t'aider mais est-ce que tu peux juste me dire en français des événements importants de la vie de Rihanna ?
va directement sur Wikipedia moi je ne sais pas justement


My favourite anglophon person is an twenty-six years old artist, occasionally actress and fashion-designer. She is born on February, the 20th of 1988 in a parish in Saint Michael, Barbados. She lives in New York.She is a dark skin woman, with hazel eyes. Currently, she has short pink hair, but she is known for frequently change her hairstyle and her haircolor. She also have twenty-one tatoos.
She has signed a contract with Def Jam Recordings after auditioning for its president, rapper Jay-Z. In ten years, she has released seven studios albums and has selled in all aroud one hundred and sixty millions singles and forty millions albums. 
She has lots of records, for exemple, she has been the first artist to pass two billion cumulative views on the music video website VEVO, the world's most streamed female artist and most streamed artist of all time on streaming platform Spotify, the most popular person on the social network Facebook, and the most-viewed and subscribed recording artist on YouTube. 
She has released an eponym book and her six own fragances, collaborate with major brands like Armani, River Island, M.A.C. and H&M, and has created a foundation named "Believe" to help termnally ill children and combat AIDS.
I very like her because she is a very beautiful woman, she is very talented, stylish and she very inspire me by what she do. I appreciate too the fact that she doesn't just care about herself. Simply, she's a great artist.