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Phaedra and Venus: The passionate love Phaedra for Hippolytus caused by Venus 
Phaedra: O Venus, goddess of love, why did you put in my eyes the charm of my step-son? Why did you mess up with the powers of love in my home so quiet? Why? If only you could take all the love I have for Hyppolite and direct it to Theseus. This would facilitate me things so that my home would return as before. 
Venus: My child, I can not help you if your love is not only provennait only me but your heart, it would make things easier for you, which is not the case. Yourself, deep down, you know you're not even feel the slightest feeling for Theseus, but you feel love is madness for Hyppolite which is not reciprocal, because it evokes feelings for Aricia. 
Phaedra: No, Enough! This is impossible, the only woman in the world qu'Hyppolite must passionately love is my one and only person. I want to marry him, I want to be with him, close to him. This would make me sick to know that love is married to another woman, especially Aricia. 
Venus: What you feel is pure and simple morbid jealousy. you can not do anything, his heart loves Aricia and my power did so unlike you aricie his love is reciprocal. It also madly in love and not able to do anything against this love. 
Phaedra: No! No! This is all your fault you have bewitched me and I would stay like her waiting love unanswered until the end of my days. 
Venus: No. I'm sorry. On this I will 
And with that Venus went leaving Phèdre crying and unhappy.
excuse moi a la première phrase de venus de je me suis trompé provennait se transforme en : came