Svppp qui peut me corriger ce texte en anglais ?

I was surprised , my eyes wide open, I ' do not want to be a placethe police took the baby and threw him down as a commodity I was very scared , the baby continue to cry louderthe officer remains indiferent and continues abusing the woman and her childI would love to help but I was terrified by this sceneI said to my mother "save this woman and her son "I asked questions , my mother was focused on this scene , she was watching the scene without saying anything imobileit may be more shocked than methe police are left with the woman leaving the baby on the floor a lady came and took the baby and goesafter that sum we come on home speechless , upsetall these images come to my mind, a lot of questions arise in my head , I do not manage to eat and drinkevery night I had nightmares , I am obliged to sleep in my mother's arms

tu commence au prétérit et après tu mets du présent; ça va pas; je peux pas te le ré ecrire parce que je comprends pas bien ce que tu veux raconter; si tu pouvais en 2 mots (en français) raconter l'histoire; de ce que je comprends tu es à la police et des officiers de police abusent (en anglais to abuse = violer) d'une mère et son enfant. Je sais pas pour quand c'est mais si tu peux racontes l'histoire en français en résumé. Là j'arrive pas à dormir mais demain matin je vais au collège pas trop
tôt. Dommage hier je me suis pas connecté


J' essaie : tu me diras si ça va:
I was schoked, my eyes wide open. I didn't want to be in that place. The police took the baby and threw him down on the floor(as a commodity, c'est un peu fort). I was very (so) scared. The baby went on crying louder and louder. The officer was remaining indifferent and continued to abuse the woman (and her child? abuse = souvent violer,  si c'est maltraiter alors) continued to mistreat the woman and her child. I would have love to help but I was terrified by this scene. I said to my mother "Save this woman and her son". I asked questions -tu poses des questions ou tu TE poses des questions, si c'est la 2 c'est I was wondering, my mum was breathless  (à la place de focus by this scene, pour éviter de répéter trop 'scene'), she was watching  saying nothing, still , (=immobile) maybe even more shocked than I was. The police left with the woman, abandoning the baby on the floor.A lady came and took the baby away. (sum = somme ) After that, (When it was finished ou over) we came back home speechless, upset by what we had seen. Those images are staying in my mind, I'm asking me a lot of questions; I'm not able to eat nor drink.Every night I have mightmares, I have to sleep in my mother' arms.
J' ai fait de mon mieux en espérant que c'est bien ce que tu voulais dire.
Good luck

je viens de voir que tu devais raconter qu' i s' afissait d'une femme noire : n'oublie pas de mettre black devant woman : to mistreat the black woman au début après c'est pas la peine