Svp aidez moi,consigne:tu es un ranger et tu arrives par hasard sur un campement.Tu n es pas content:Les campeurs sont irrespectueux et très prudents.Que leur dis tu

pour vous aider:

1.Mobilise tout le vocabulaire utile et reflechis aux formes verbales pour : - constater ce qu'ils ont fait

2. - leur rappeller les regles du camping dans le bush

3. - justifier tes remarques

4. - exprimer ton mecontentement



Ranger Johnson has decided to look what's happening in a new camp in the bush because he heard some bad rumors. He has to clear this out. When he gets there early in the morning, he sees a disaster : rubbish all over the ground, dogs running and barking,  unhealthy and dirty sanitaries, and moreover noise  late at night was reported
He decides too organize a meeting with all the residents to make a point.
Hi, residents, I'm Ranger Johnson in charge of this area : I think I have to remind you the elementary rules of living in a camp and what they are for, because what I saw coming in is a shame :
1) You mustn't  throw your rubbish on the floor. Dustbins at your disposal every where and you know that littering is punished by the law
2) You must keep the sanitaries as clean when you leave as they were before
3) You mustn't leave your dogs outside unattached, specially at night and pick up your dog's mess; plastic bags are at your disposal
4)For the respect of other residents, turn the sound down after 10pm, maximum midnight
5) When you do a BBQ, be sure it's correctly extinguished before leaving.
For the moment , this camp is quite unhealthy. Think to your kids playing around, do you really want them to be hurt by a beer broken bottle on the floor; do you realize that leaving your dogs free all the time without security might be dangerous, do you enjoy having a shower in such conditions of dirtyness, do you realize that you lack of respect between all of you and above all you have no respect at all for what the nature is offering you.
I will come back soon and I hope that things will be different. Otherwise, it's my duty to charge you and give you fines. You know that your names are registered, so please be responsible to give back to this camp a nice look.

J' ai fait comme j' ai pu; c'est peut-être trop long...ou peut-être fallait-il qulque chose de + structuré.........Ca te donne déjà des idées je pense...Dis-moi
dsl j'avais pas vu , je l'ai vu aujourd'hui , pas grave je l'ai fais et j'ai eu une bonne note , merci cas meme
tant mieux si t'as eu une bonne note; c'est le principal !!!!!!
ouai t'as raison