Est-ce que vous pouriez me dire si j'ai des fautes dans ma présentation d'anglais s'il-vous-plait.

My name is (...) , I’m fifteen years old and I live in (...) since two thousand end eleven. I was born the July eighteen nineteen ninety-nine in Bordeaux. I speak French , little
English and little Spanish. I’m tall, I have brown eyes and brown long hair. I’m quiet and patient.I'am only child.My favorite color is the red because I find this is an alive color.
I practice ride horsing wenesday. I likelisten music, go out with my friends and watch TV. I would like to be a surgeon because I like the medical and save lifes. I have lots of pets : one cat, one dog, two guinea pig, one dove and some fish.



"Since two thousand AND eleven"
"A little bit english and spanish"
"Long brown hair"
"Horse-riding wednesday "
"I Like listening to music"
"Hanging out with my friends and Watching Tv"
"And i would Like to save some lifes"
"Two guinea pigS"

Voilà normalement c'est tout :)