I am a slave, it is true that said like that it is not very cozy but at least it is said, I am a black slave. Yesterday, the police came to the camp, they took another slave which are called Ella.Ella was his work in the fields of the Governor when everything blows a police patrol came calling her "witch came to destroy our beautiful England."Ella can not run away screaming "Let me, did not you ashamed to treat a man this way, shame on you, shame this england, shame the governor, shame this unfortunate republic taking whole families and destroyed everything she has best to reduce a state of slaves! "These words of a desperate slave woman, a police threw the floor and all together beat him until death ensues.
tu vas prendre la partie que j'ai faite?
je vais mettre des chose de moi et de vous
est ce que vous ete forte en maths?
vous pouvez m'aider pour un probleme que j'ai poster j'en ai mis une foto
j'ai continue en anglai voici ce que j'ai ecris en message