Bonsoir, quelqu'un pourrait voir s'il y a des fautes svp ?

The studies in other contry open apportunity to discover new horizon, new culture. It interressing to learn differents way of life. This gives us a bigger oppen-midedness and caraticism sense on way what make in France ( It is diffrent according to contry ).Then this permit to be bilingue. It is clearer to learn the language is necessary to practice le language, so why not go at the country for speak and listent the language evryday.
In the profesional point learn a language which are diffrent of our ease the hierarchical incluse. For a futur profesion it permit to acquire a good CV. Indeed the boss hire someone that he have lot of experience, a replet and original CV that someone who make a traditional studies. This last have not anything benefics for the entreprise. And thus the boss will tourn toword someone more atterest of the profesional point. Go aboard can allow widen the social reseau, that is contact in share capital form.



The studies in other countries provide opportunity to discover new cultures.
it is interesting to learn about different way of life
This brings us to be more open-minded and provides a comparison with what we are experiencing in France. Then this allows us to become fluent.
It is clear that learning other languages is necessary to practice them and communicate with other countries. The best is to go in the country to listen, learn and speak everyday.
This is also very usefull in a professional environment, to be able to access to a better situation.For a future job it allows to get a better CV. Indeed, a boss will hire more easily someone who has a large experience abroad.