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This document is an extract from the novel called " Frankenstein " written by Mary Shelley. One day, Victor Frankenstein discovered that he could use energy from lightning to give life to things. He decided to make a beautiful man, with pieces of human bodies but all he did was a ugly creature, a monster. This monster came to life because of a storm which brought the energy to make him alive. Victor been afraid and ran away and the monster escaped in the forest and killed Victor's brother. Then, Victor went to the forest to meet up the monster and understood that all the monster wanted is someone to love, so he can stop hurting people. Victor started working on another creature but then he killed it. The monster been really upset and decided to make Victor as miserable as he was. He went at Victor's wedding night, he came up and killed his wife and this awful news killed Victor's dad either. Finally, the monster went away to the icy sea. En espérant que ça t'ira :)
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