Bonjour qu'en pensez vous de mon texte .dites moi si y a des fautes je suis noté .
Yesterday night i have heard people screaming and music forte i have seen five girls damaging my sofa they have broken computer screen and leave water sinking you have vomited on my stuff . why don't you listen me ? and why didn't you did the cleaning i 'm fed up you're always taking for a stupid you're always leaving me out . you're such a dog and you're so nasty



Yesterday night, i have heard  people screaming and making  strong music
i have seen five girls damaging my sofa, they have broken the computer screen and have left water sinking
YOU have vomited on my stuff, why don t you listen to me ? and why didn t you clean?
im fed up with you, you are always taking me for a stupid, you re always leaving me out
you re such a dog and you are so nasty