Ecrivez les phrases suivantes en ajoutant l'adverbe de fréquence à la bonne place.
a/Tom is very friendly(ussually)
b/Peter gets angry (never)
c/David and Frank play tennis (often)
e/Walter helps his mother (sometimes)
f/He listens to the radio (often)
g/They read a book (sometimes)
h/Christine smokes (never)
i/My grandmother goes for a walk in the evening (usually)



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a/ Tom is usually very friendly
b/ Peter never gets angry 
David and Frank often play tennis 
e/ Walter helps sometimes his mother 
f/ He often listens to the radio 
g/ They sometimes read a book 
h/ Christine never smokes 
I/ My grandmother usually goes for a walk in the evening

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Tom is usually very friendly 
Peter never gets angry
David and Frank often play tennis
Walter helps sometimes his mother 
He  often listens to the radio
They sometimes read a book
Christine never smokes
My grandmother usually goes for a walk in the evening 

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