Pouvez-vous m'aider
Il faut raconter une aventure d'un voyage vrai ou imaginaire
en Anglais

Merci beaucoup

Va sur google traduction
tu ecrit un de tes voyage et sa te le marquera en anglais et tu aura plus a recopier


Je suis désolé si c'ets personelle mais j'ai pas d'inspiration pour un texte imaginaire là et je raconte mon voyage à Londres :

With my class mates we went to London, the capital of the great brittain, at first we went in Pas-De-Calais and the submarine train called : The Channel Tunnel after 30 min in the train we arrived in Dover. We borrow a car and go to London for 45 min that's really fast !
We arrived in the hotel and sleep. The morning we took the breafast and visit London, I saw the London Eye the big ferris wheel above the Thames. After I saw Big Ben who's called like his bell which wheighs 13.5 tonnes ! AWESOME ! I saw the Buckingam Palace facing the Victoria Memorial. This monument is spectacular and beautiful. That was my short week end in London. Bye