Meilleure réponse !
1/ I enjoy studying English moreover it is an interesting subject.
2/ He smokes a lot that is why he has lung a cancer.
3/ The villagers have many enemies consequently the must unite to defend themselves.
4/ I seldom play chess but I do not understant the game well.
5/ He fell heavily from the room so much so that he broke his leg.
6/ You will fall down because you are not careful.
7/ I had bread and butter for breakfast.
8/ You can travel to Kuantan by train or with a bus.
9/ I don't like this town for it is very noisy.
10/ He is intelligent but he is lazy.
11/ They are the people who I saw yesterday.
12/ I am coming next week with Peter.
13/ She gave up work because she wanted to have more time with the children.
14/ He fell asleep during he was watching a film.
15/ I will stay here and you will get back.