je dois ecrire un devoirs d'anglais sur n'importe quelle thème qui doit durée dans les environs 1min/1min30 et je n'y arrive pas alors aidez-moi merci

tu peux m'en ecrire un autre et de 1min30 stp
euh oui
yesterday, it was my birthday. i was so excited!!! my friends went at my home! they were a lot of people at my party! i was so happy! my mother offered me a beautiful dress, and my father offered me fantastics jewels! they are on gold!!! i was so impressed! my best friend offered me a magic present! i had a ticket to go to see rihanna at hier concert at london!
i cried bécause i was happy! i was the gladest person of the day!!! my boy friend offered me a fantastic trip ! we Will travel the world!! my friends were impressed bécause i organized the better party of the country! all people said :"waouh it´s fantastic" i had a lot of present and all my friends were ta my birthday !
j'ai pas trop d'imagination la ^^


Tu peux faire sur tes vacances préférées :
M'y favorite holiday was when i went to Paris, i visited the Louvres museum i visited the castle of Versailles! It was so beautiful! I loved That, my mother bought me a beautiful cap where "i love Paris" is writted! I think i Will return to Paris bécause it was a fantastic trip!
merci mes lis mes autres commentaire que je t'ai laisse
I love you more than the full moon's infinite reflection over the sea on a cloudless night ... More than the wetness of melted ice ... More than the kites that loves to climb the wind... Your warm gentle touch relaxes and calms my mind. I love you. Oh what joy it is to have a friend like you for giving me strength the way you do for lifting me up when i'm feeling down and putting a smile on my face when i'm wearing a frown thanks for being there and helping me grow your friendship means a lot this I would like to know 
c est un poeme
euh merci mais on a pas le droit au poeme mais c tres gentille de ta part vraiment