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George I

Did you know that England once had a king who couldn’t speak English? His name was George I and he was born in Hanover in Germany in 1660. The English King, William III and his wife Anne didn’t have any children. When they died, George’s mother, Sophia, was the heir to the throne because she was Anne’s cousin. She died a few days after Anne, so George inherited the throne. He moved to England but he didn’t like it and returned to Hanover very often. He never learned English so he wasn’t very popular in England. The people couldn’t understand him and he couldn’t understand them. George died on a visit to Hanover in 1727. He was King of England for 13 years.

1- Why was George I an unusual King of England?
2- Why did George inherit the throne from his mother?
3- Was he happy in England?
4- Why wasn’t he popular in England?

5- In what year did George become King of England?



3- He wasn't happy in England because he couldn't speak English and the people couldn't understand him so he didn't have the chance to communicate with these people

4- Because he never learned English 

5- He became King of England in 1714 

2- He inherit the throne because his mother was Anne's cousin so she was able to be the heir but after her death she couldn't continue

1- He was unusual because if he is a king and he don't know to speak English how can the people talk to him and if they are hungry how can they tell him if he don't know how to speak English