J'ai mon oral d'anglais mardi prochain et je n'arrive pas a faire des plans pour mes 4 notions:
Idée de progrès
Mythes et héros
Lieux et formes de pouvoirs
Espaces et échanges

Si vous avez quelques idées ou seulement des éléments ça m'aiderait beaucoup
Merci d'avance

espaces et echanges :Among the whole of propositions offered by the notion "spaces and exchanges", I chose to speak about the immigration and mainly in the United States. "A nation of immigrants" describes the United States well since everybody there is either an immigrant or a descendant of immigrants.
First, I would like to talk about these people who become immigrants, secondly I will talk about the American attitude toward these phenomena and as a conclusion I will give you my point of view.When America was discovered millions of Europeans left their countries of origin to start a new-life in the other side of Atlantic. However, even today, United States is a country which continues to attract the people.
j espère que ça t aidera un peu ! bon courage !
Whaou, merci, ça va déjà beaucoup m'avancer :)
si je peux aider ...! avec plaisir ! après je pense que tu peux développer les paragraphes un peu plus ...!


Comment ça "des plans" c est vaste ?!...
Des plans, c est a dire des mots, des phrases, pour te souvenir du thème ?
Des idées principales qui seront mes grands axes de la production, ou des exemples..
Progress is a development to make our lives better. It deals with a lot of subjects like development of countries and of the world, new ways of communication, technologies and innovations and even personalities took part of progress ! It shows how the world have been moving through years to become the world we know now. We may wonder : is progress always positive ?
To cap it all, progress is probably everywhere around us and it allowed to change the mentalities and the habits all around the world, by the economy, technologies, or even persons or music... But it also implies worse sides by creating new dangers like nuclear bombs. So to my mind, progress generally helps us to live better but we have to be careful with it.