Exercice 1: 

Did you already drove without a helmet ?
Did you stop when the fire was red ?
Did you ride slowly for the safety ?

Exercice 2 :

When I started to learn driving I forgot few times to put my seatbelt
I drove once all night never stopping
I never use mobile while I'm driving
I rarely drive over the speed limit

Exercice 3: 

a.This helmet looks very nice and it saves your head when you ride a motorcycle
b.Your right because it gives us informations to know the instructions of safety and to behave from accidents
c. I don't think because it is important and it teaches you how to ride and to respect road's rules
d. Wawww! so comfortable and so neat and not messy

t aime Carly Rae Jepsen?
drove c est au passe
oui mes jle met ou
ah pardon pas vue