Rosa Parks became famous on December 1st, 1955, in Montgomery (Alabama) by refusing to give his place to a white passenger in the bus. Arrested by the police, she(it) sees imposing a 15-dollar fine on December 5th; she(it) appeals of this judgment. A young black minister 26-year-old unknown, Martin Luther King, throws(launches) then a campaignof protest and boycott against the company of buses which will last 381 days. November 13thRosa Louise McCauley Parks, said Rosa Parks, is a needlewoman who became an iconic figure of the fight against the racial segregation in the United States, what is worth to him(her) the nickname of " mother of the movement of the civil rights " on behalf of the American Congress. Rosa Parks fought against the racial segregation with Martin Luther King.

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Rosa Parks was an African-American civil rights activist, she was called the "Mother of the Modern-Day American civil rights movement" and "the mother of the freedom movement". She is best known for what she did in her home town of Montgomery, Alabama on December 1, 1955. While she sat in a seat at the front of a bus, the bus driver told her to move to the back of the bus so a white passenger could take the seat in the front of the bus. She refused to move. She was tired of being treated as a lower class person because of the color of her skin. She was arrested. This led to the Montgomery bus riot. After that, black people could sit wherever they wanted to on the bus.