Meilleure réponse !
James Hurty                                                                                Mary Smith
23 Farringdon Road                                                                      67 avenueFlower
E1 LONDON                                                                                E1 LONDON

Dear Mary, 
I am writing to you because, as you know it, today it's the 1rst birthday of the abolition of the slavery in all around the world. For the moment it's not History, it'current.
As you know too I was a slave who is worked for horribles masters in inhuman conditions.  We were not considered as men but as animals. All these moments spent to be humbled and struck without any valid reason... 
I hope that a day, all the people like me will dare to say that all this did not have to occur !
And all this for that? Just for some money, it miserable money which makes the men so dangerous and ready for anything even of the worst conceivable horror. 
My dear Mary, never forget that one person on your family was victim of that and teach this story at your future generations for that nobody reproduces it in the future. 

Yours sincerely,