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1 martin luther king was assassinated in 1968 2.san francisco was devastating by an earthquake and fire in 1906 3.the famous Harvard University was found in massachussets 4.the declaration of independance was wrote by thomas jefferson who were elected president of usa in 1803 e.the golden gate bridge in san francisco was built in 1937 f.thousand of indians were massacred during the indian wars
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Attention pour le n°1 : Thomas Jefferson WAS elected et n'oublie pas les majuscules. ex)2 : When was the telephone invented? When were the first jeans made? What was invented in 1885? Where was Coca-Cola invented? Who was awarded by the Nobel PeacePrice in 1964(.t'as le droit de rajouter des aux. ou des conj.?) :Who got the award of the Nobel Peace Price in 1964(it sound's better).... Who was elected president of the USA in 1960