1) i have forgetten my book at home .
  2) he has lost his keys.
  3) she has not seeher son for a longe time.
   4) i have not revised my lessons.
   5) thomas has worked very hard
  6) they have gone to teh cinema 
7) the children have not eaten anything
8) fati has not called me since wednesday
9)the child  has broken  a cup
10) emillion has not spoken  to the bosse
11)wa have been in the class room
12)i havent finished yet
13) ihave already finished
14) i have just finished
15)i have seen three films this month.
16) mrs brows has phoned again.
17) the teacher has gone on holiday for a few days.
18)my son has done all his homwork .he has just finished
19)the browns have lived in morocco for 20years 
20) mrs  ait ahmad has lived in france since 1986