Once upon a time in a land far away there lived a young blonde curly haired boy called Hassam. His father had died and his mother was very poor.
He always wore an old yellow shirt which was pinched around the waist with a thin leather belt. He wore old black brogues on his feet. He was not very tall but he had long legs and big feet. His things were as strong as a bull's and his muscles were so powerful that he could run ten miles in the twinkling of an eye.
Everyday he ran through the deserted land to find some water. He could find a river or a stream in any area. He had so many gifts that his mother said: "You are a real diamond my boy". He could read books very well although he had never been to school! Surprisingly enough he could write beautiful poems as well! His mum made him read her one of his poems aloud avery night. Whenever he forgot to read her one she couldn't sleep !
As for chores his mother made him work a lot around the house because she was very old and couldn't do anything. But Hassam was very nice his mum and he preferred doing all the housework to playing with his friends.
One day his mum made him work a lot around the house because she was so keen on fruit! On the way hemet with Aziz who was his best friend. Aziz asked Hassam to come and play ball with him. Hassam couldn't accept: his mum was waiting for him to come back with the figs ! But he wanted to play with aziz so much! He evantually agreed to play it was great fun!
When he came bake home with the figs, he couldn't find his mum anywhere: where was she? He was so upset and worried: maybe shewas sick. Maybe she didn't feel well! It was all his fault! Hassam was very upset for the whole evening. He had no been a good son to his mum. Was she angry with him?
When his mum eventually came bake home, Hassam was so happy! She wasn't sick! And she did not look angry! His mum said:
"Here you are, my diamond. You have to be happy and have fun!
What is it, mum?"
His mum had a present for him: a new ball.

Pouvez-vous m'aider a repondre a ces questions :

1- Comment est structurée cette histoire ?
Indique le nombre de paragraphes :
Trouve un titre anglais à chacun des paragraphes :

2- Hassam n'est pas un enfant comme les autres, pour quelle raison ?
(Lis le paragraphe 1.)

3- Dans le paragraphe 2, l’auteur compare Hassam à quelque chose, à quoi le compare-t-il ?
Pour quelle raison ?

4- Hassam est un garçon exceptionnel : pour quelles raisons ?
(Lis les paragraphes 2 et 3.)
Trouve au moins 3 raisons :

5- Sa mère faisait faire à Hassam beaucoup de choses : lesquelles ? Cites-en deux.

6- Recopie une phrase du texte qui explique ce que sa mère faisait faire à Hassam. Souligne
le ou les mots qui l'expriment.

7- Hassam jouait-il beaucoup avec ses amis ? Cite une phrase du texte pour illustrer ton



Meilleure réponse !
On doit repondre en anglais ou francais ?
en francais
D'accord .
2) Hassam n'est pas un enfant comme les autres car il sait lire sans meme etre allé a l'ecole , il sait ecrire des poèmes , tous les jours il devait parcourir le desert pour trouver de l'eau ..
5) Il devait trouver de l'eau . il devait lire ses poemes a sa mere.