1)I shall be invisible
2)I would put more holidays
3I shall help her
5)I  would say yes

attention je n'ai pas répondu a la je ne savais pas quoi mettre
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non a la 4 pardon
la question est si tu pouvais voler je n'a&i pas répondu ok
Meilleure réponse !
- If I had magic powers , I would simply think of a place where I would love to be and immediately " jump" to it. 

- If I were  president , I would build more nuclear power plants , oil refineries and wind farms.

- If I saw a gangster attack an old lady, I would directly call the police because I'm not strong enough to save her.

- If I could fly , I would travel and experience all the time.

If the Secret Services asked me to become a secret agent, I would spy on criminals to stop their crimes.
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dr ,,, b chance