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This document is a cartoon. The scene takes place in a classroom. I can see a teacher talking to a student who are in front of the chalk board. Both of them are holding a chalk in their hands. Next to the board, I can see a sign which says that reading is cool. The student looks confused because he thinks the blackboard is an iPad, that's why the teacher says to him that there aren't any icons to click because it's a chalkboard. The cartoon wants to explain that the generation of today is obsessed with electronics and do not take the habbit to read, that's why there is that sign next to the board. It is really a shame that the young generation of today don't take the habbit to read or do other activities than staying on electronic devices all day.
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ah, mais ce n'est pas une école anglosaxones! ;)
ah bon? Qu'est-ce que c'est alors? :)
C'est une classe, ou a plus d'heures d'anglais que les autres donc de l'anglais pur, et de l'histoire géo mais en anglais! ;)
Ah d'accord! Je me confond avec autre chose! :p
Y as pas de problèmes ;)