Esceque vous prouver me donner un texte de météo pour demain ses urgen

ben comment exactement, tu nous donne les temeratures
oui en afrique il fait 0 degrer il pleut et au maroc il fait 38degrer il du soleil et après au nord il pleut et vous pourer rajouter des mots
svp reponder ses urgent


Today i will present to you the weather across the globe.
In africa , it's quite low, it's 0 degrees and it's raining and in maroc it's quite hot with 38 degrees. In the north, it's raining a lot more then in the south.

Chilly overnight with showers generally easing. Further showers on Tuesday.

This Evening and Tonight:

Bands of residual showers easing as they drift slowly southwards across central parts, whilst some further showers continue in the southwest. Clear spells making it chilly for many, with some patchy mist or fog around, and localised frost in north.


More sunshine for many. Slow moving showers redeveloping, locally heavy with thunder, but becoming mainly dry in the west and north. Feeling pleasantly warm in the sunshine and light winds.