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sujet :

you read an article in weekly magazine wher the writer describes young people today as irresponsible and interestied in studies .

write a letter to the magazine editor to express you dis agreement and point of view .

merci d'avence



Dear weekly magazine editor,
I strongly dissagree with your recent article about young people being irresponsible and uninterrested in studies.
In my point of view most young people, are very responsible because it quite obvious you see the evolution of youths of this century they are less reckless then before and they acknowledge their mistakes and accept them other then accusing like before.
And in the topic of being uninterrested in studies is quite false, because if you look at job applications they are mostly being filled by college students between the ages of 19 & 25 years old .
 And to conclude my point, if you so say that young people are irresponsible and uninterrested in studies, most adults won't consider the youths as the futur of the generation.
So before making false statements, please get your facts straight.

I bid you a good day and thank you for your understanding.

Your name: votre prenom

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