Bonsoir , pourriez vous m'aidez a mon devoir d'anglais , je dois faire une lettre a peu près comme celle la fin dans le même thème ( un enfant juif séparer de ses parents Par cause de l'extermination de tout les juifs par hitler ) je dois raconter comment sa se passe dans ma famille d'acceuille etc...
Merci de votre aide



Dear father, I'll tell you everything that has happened to us since our departure . First, agents who sought us led us to Parmentier's school. Then they made ​​us wait forgo on a bus that would take us to the Velodrome d'Hiver , where we stayed 5days . Then they dragged us to the Gare d'Austerlitz to put us in a livestock ( horses ) that would take us to Pithiviers (Loiret) where we layon straw . We were still in the camp for two or three weeks when adisorder began in the camp. The agents took people to send them (but we didn't knew where) I've been sent. We were sent in a small village to pick up some food and bring it to the camp. When i was picking the food, a family has seen my jew star, taken me and adopted me. I  live with them for now three months, they are so nice, there is a little baby who has three years old, he is so cute, i can eat when i want, i can take showers, i'm so happy you can't imagine. I miss everybody, i love you all, i hope i'll see you as soon as possible.