In my summer holydays i will go to my  grandparentshouse . They live next to the  beach.and i will bake with my grandma . and i will also go fishing 
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Last August, during the Summer Holidays, my family and I decided to go to the South of France for a few days to have a good time. 
It was night time when we arrived, so we were tired and quickly went to sleep in our tents. The next day, it was sunny so we decided to go to the beach. 
I was swimming, when suddenly I felt something touch me in the water. I was afraid but in fact it was only a fish! After that I decided to 
go back to the campsite, and when the night fell we prepared a campfire with music and had a wonderful night. 
On the second day, after the beach, we went for a walk in the mountains . On the way I was taking photos of animals when suddenly a plane arrived from behind, I was surprised, but it was nothing. 
That night we went back home. I was very  happy because the trip was incredible and beautiful.