Besoin d'aide svp!!

J'dois répondre aux questions suivantes à partir d'une image que j'ai ajouté en pièces jointes :)

Merci d'avance !

les questions concernent le poster en couleur ou noir et blanc?
En fait les deux posters sont les mêmes, pour toutes les questions il faut se baser sur le poster en noir et blanc sauf pour la question c, pour les couleurs dominantes, il faut se baser sur le poster en couleur
d'accord je vais voir ça :)
Merci beaucouup!!!


A)The word "forced" strikes me first,it's written in big black letters and it's what i see first.
Then the padlock and the chains strikes me when i realize that the poster represents chained hands and by the way a tied person
b)There is only one character being represented in this poster,a woman(nail varnish) tied with chains and a padlock.They represent the fact that this women is being forced into a marriage.They represent her loss of liberty,she isn't free anymore.
c)They dominant colors are the grey of the metallic chains and ring but also the red of nail polish and the writings saying "What is a forced marriage?"There is a high contrast between the hands' color and the chains'.
d)The forced marriage unit published this poster.The message is that no-one should get forced into a marriage.They aim to raise the population's awareness about forced marriages but also to get people know that they are solutions and we can get helped by this association.
e)This poster is very moving but also shocking to know that being are still being forced into marriages.It makes me want to help them to make those abuses stop.It makes me wanna break their chains and set them free.
Voilà j'espère t'avoir aidée :) 
Ouii vous m'avez bcp aider merciiii!! <3