Title : Tim Burton : a biography

introduction :
Tim Burton is one of the most people acclaimed in the world . He is
unassuming . It is one of the best director in the world of cinema .

Sub - headings : The start of his career

Burton was born in Burbank in California in U.S.A on August 25,
1958.He's favorite activities was drawing cartoons , watching old movies
and dreaming. In 1973 his anti-litter posters wins a local competition .
He was 16 he leaves home to live alone in a flat . When he had 18 years
old , he had won a scholarship for California institute of the Art
.Burton had his first job in 1979 therefore at 21 years old : animator
for the Disney Studios .But in 1984 , Disney Studios refuse to release
his short film because they declared : ''it is too scary for children''
and therefore Tim Burton left the Disney Studios.
Burton is one of the most persevering directors.

Sub -Headings : the continuation ...

he realizes : Pee-Wee's Big Adventure and this box-office hit is a
surprise .But , from 1985 to 1988 he had no idea and he doesn't make a
film. Finally in 1988 , Tim makes a box-office : Beetlejuice , a very
strange comedy , the first with Michael Keaton . Burton makes a lot of
film from 1989 to 1992 : Batman World (1989) it was one of the biggest
hit ever ; Edward Scissorhandq : his film with Johnny Depp (1996) a big
hit also and Batman Returns (1992) it was an financial success but
Batman fans disappointed .After that the Warner Brothers reject Burton
as director of Batman Forever at 37 years old.

Sub-headings : Director's life is more than 40 years

Burton had shot more than 10 film ! he begin her career on 27 years old
, it's very late . He is a very professional , currently , the most
independante director , he's a legend , he is a greatest star.
1996 to 2005 he shoot 6 film and in 2005 thought he had a nomination for
academy award for best animated feature and he had a golden globe at 49
years old for best pictures in his fils : Sweeny Todd , the Demon
Barber of Fleet Street.

conclusion : It is not suprising that Burton is considered one of the best director .

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The start of his career :
he was bornED.  HIS favorites acitivities WERE.
In 1973, .... WON a local
When he was 16, he lEFT .

The continuation :
realisED -
 was a surprise
didn't make
Tim made

Director's life
HE began HIS career.
he was a very ... he was a legend. he was the greatest ....

It was .... that Burton was ....

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