Math the first and the second parts of the sentences.
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1. My mum gets up... ...we are sitting on the beach.
2. What is... ... at the moment.
3. At the moment... ... at 6.00am every morning.
4. They go... ...they listening to?
5. What are... ... she doing?
6. She's studying... ... to the theatre once a month.



1. My mum gets up at 6.00am every morning                 
2. What is
she doing?                                 
3. At the moment
we are sitting on the beach.                    
4. They go
to the theatre once a month.
5. What are
they listening to?                         
6. She's studying
at the moment.             

1-My mum GETS up at 6:00 am every morning 
2- What is she doing? 
3- at the moment we are sitting on the beach. 
4- They go to the theatre once a month. 
5- they listenning to?
6- at the moment
Si tu ne comprend pas pourquoi, demande moi, je t'expliquerai pourquoi je les ai placé comme ça. 
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