You are a female politician. Deliver a speech explaining what you would like to change in the world / today's society.

Use : - I would like, I wish, I dream of

Il faudrait faire un discours sur l'inégalité salariale entre homme et femme.




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Man or woman : each, all of you represent the entire nation , composed of equal parts men and women , who are all people, of citizens with equal rights and wants our Constitution , as well as require the values ​​of our Republic.
An equality that you know like me, is still , in many respects, a statement , an intention . Say that word is banned today too often say , a utopia.
Equality on paper it is our responsibility to bring about the reality of French society, effective in the life of each and all , if we want to keep the Republican promise that is the basis of the French model, we more precious in common, the left and right in this Chamber.
Born a girl tomorrow in France should no longer inevitably amount to less opportunities in life , or to interfere with the freedom to choose a destiny, to realize on its merits , abilities , desires and his work, and not Moreover, according to sex and prejudice attached to it .