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Topic 1 : Would you accept to have a wearable computer implanted in your body ?
No, simply because there must be limits: mobile phones are increasingly used, but it should not be abused. Putting a computer in her body to be more intelligent, more beautiful, more .... Although this would allow us to know the frequency of our pulse, temperature, blood pressure, muscle tension, blood sugar in the blood etc... Anyone could have access to these information could indicate that you think and feel. Me personally, I agree! People always say that we now have as the technology is sufficient, and that everything that comes after will be ridiculous.

Topic 2 : Does new technology frighten you ?
The new technology could scare us because of the creation of robot "humanoids" who are smart enough, people are afraid that it happens like in the movies where robots will control the world because they have the ability to think like humans. If the mobile phone makes staying in touch with his family , including his children, the use of this device is not without consequence. According to some studies, a child's brain could absorb up to 60% of electromagnetic radiation than that of an adult and children under 15 years , there would be more vulnerable because of their growth. Internet is now present in most homes. If this virtual world is a wonderful place of discovery , it is also the location of all freedoms and all dangers. These dangers can be multiple. For me, the new technology does not scare me.