SVP urgent ! 6ème
Try to sell an object to the class ( a pen , your schoolbag , your jaccket , your parent's house , ...) Describe it and say how much it costs. Be convincing !
you : This can ...
It's got ...
There is a
You can ...

et tu vas choisir quoi comme objet ?


Meilleure réponse !
And very dear and dear classmates, the pen which I have between hands is not a pen as the others. Indeed, admire first of all its impeccable graphic line, mixing curves, colors of blue and transparency. Know that it also exists in red, in green and in black. In its 8 grams, this pen is one of the lightest of its generation. You can thus write for a long time with without risking the cramps. I shall end the presentation by telling you that he it belongs to him only one concentrated by technology because its ball turns easily what allows a pleasant movement. Completely staggering ! As for its price, allow me to offer you this copy and to reserve you a special price for the complete package, is 3.5 £ the set group. I accept, checks, the credit card and the sorts ! Thank you ! 
merci mais g enleve la moitier car je ne suis kan 6eme et ce que tu as ecris est difficile si tu as le tems tu pourrais m ens faire un 2eme stp