Bonjour, alors voilà j'aurais besoin d'un avis sur ce que j'ai fait pour ma notion lieux et formes de pouvoir en anglais je vous met ce que j'ai écrit:
In order to begin my presentation about form and location of power, it will be necessary for me to define what power means. In the dictionary, power refers to the ability to control others, events, or ressources, the ability to make things happen despite obstacles, resistance, or opposition. This of course leads to conflict between those who have power and those who don't. And sometimes the power experienced as unfair or unjust and harmful, called a power-cons for resistance. In order to demonstrate that, i would like to talk about the American black movement, a particular form of protest and revolt, who fought for a more equitable and representative power against various forms of oppression and assujetissements minorities.

To illustrate this notion, i choose to talk about the civil right movement in the USA. At the end of Civil Wars during reconstruction, one admentment is adopted in 1865: abolition of slavery. It's the thirty amendment. Recognition of African Americans seems to work bu legislation unfavorable to African-Americans are adopted, requiring racial segregation in many areas of daily life (buses, restaurants, schools,ect...), called laws « Jim Crow ». In 1896, the supreme court in a landmark court case, Plessy V Ferguson, legalizing « separate but equal » doctrine and considers that the constitution prohibits discrimination on the part of states but not indivudual acts and discrimination. Consequently African-Americans are regulary victims of violence and intimidation, especially from the Ku Klux Klan.

In 1909, the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) fight against measures preventingthem from exercising their right to vote, support trials of African-Americans. The NAACP is the origin of the Brown V Board Education before the supreme court, judged in 1954, inconstitutional segregation in elementary schools subsidized by the state. In 1995, Rosa Parks, a memeber of the NAACP, refused to give up her seat to a white bus in Montgomery (Alabama). What follows is the boycott of city buses, the first mass movement and no-violent, which selects for the baptist leader Martin Luther King. The march on Washington, draining about 250000 people and during which MLK delivered his « I have a dream » speech, which allows tha adoption of two laws ending segregation:: The Civil Rights Act of 1964, prohibiting all forms of discrimination in public places and the voting rights act of 1965, removing barriers the right to vote. In the late 60s, the civil rights movement has won sustainable transformation of the status of African-Americans in society and legitimation of a constant battle against all persistent racism.

Je ne sais pas trop qu'elle problématique pourrais coller avec ce que j'ai mis, c'est pour cela que j'ai beosin de votre aide et si j'ai des fautes me le dire :) Merci d'avance



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