Imagine the consequences
what would happen...
1. ...if you ate too many green apples?
2. ...if you walked in the rain without a raincoat?
3. ...if you screamed and cheered for a long time?
4. ...if you didn't brush your teeth?5. ...if you smoked too much?

1. Your head will become green 2. Your haircut will be awful 3.You will lost your voice 4. your teeth will become yellow 5. You will get an cancer
a cancer*


Meilleure réponse !
1.You will have a stomach ache.
2.You will catch cold.
3.You will lose your voice.
4.You will have halitosis (mauvaise haleine).
5.You will have lung cancer 

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1.You will feel pain
2.Your hair will get wet
3.You will lose your voice.
4.Your teeth will become yellow
5.You will have stomach cancer 

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