-Well, I just arrived in London, have you ever been to London?
-No, I haven't, but i have been to Spain though.
-When did you went Spain?
-Well I traveled to Spain a few years ago with my family, it was very wonderful! Have you ever travel anywhere else?
-I have traveled to Rome, Russia, Japan, China, and Australia. I really enjoyed my trip to Australia, going to the Outback and seeing the kangooroos.
-Who traveled with you?
-Well,I traveled with my girlfriend Tamera,we shopped at so many stores, and ate amazing food.
-Wow, that sounds amazing. I wish i had an oppurtunity like you.
-Do you love travelling, and what do you love about it?
-Oh yes, I do love traveling. I love it because, i get to see different things, ans experience new sceneries.
-Well it was nice speaking with you, I will bring pictures for you tomorow.
-I would love to see pictures. well bye.