Bonjour, je suis nouveau sur ce site qui m'a l'air très bien. :)
Alors voila, je passe mon oral d'ici une semaine et je voudrais avoir votre avis sur une des notions que j'ai fait concernant les mythes et héros, pourriez vous donner un avis dessus ? Si possible constructif, merci d'avance ! :D

the notion we’ll speak about is “Myths & Heroes”, so, after
presenting the notion according to my point of view, I’ll
illustrate it through a few documents we studied all year round and a
document I’ve found by myself, then I’ll conclude.
could define a Myth by a sort of story, tale which can be fictive (or
not) and we could define a Hero by “An object of extreme admiration
and devotion -> icon” or even “a person admired for his/her
achievements, noble qualities and great courage”. Nowadays
everybody knows real people considered as heroes like Theodore
Roosevelt, Winston Churchill or Abraham Lincoln, those pretty heroic
personalities who made some historic reforms or conquests. But
there’re also some fictional Heroes whose name is spoken by almost
every child like Superman, Spider-man, Batman … And Uncle Sam of
course! And it’s the same thing about myths, for example every
Irish kid has at least heard once about the legend of the Giant’s
Causeway in Northern England.

speak about one particular current myth about United States of
America. The “American Dream” which is spreading all around the
world such a brilliant image of the USA that, we could really think
every single man has his chances in this country, it seems
incredible, but some of these men have succeeded in there. In fact,
according to this myth, everyone can become any one if he works hard
to reach his purpose. A lot of people think this myth is true so they
all try to reach the USA. Immigrants from south-America represent the
most part of them.

try to criticize this myth by referring to a document we have studied
in class this year: “American Land” is a Bruce Springsteen’s
song which confronts two aspects of the American Dream during the
century. In a first time he sings about the good aspect of the
American Dream, so we could think it is a perfect land in which
everyone becomes happy and live a peaceful life full of bear and
gold. BUT, on the other side he sings in the second part about misery
and about all the difficulties the immigrants are faced to. He
focuses on the blue collar workers, coming from Europe or Africa who
died by hundreds and were forgotten. Despite the fact they have been
forgotten, they also can be considered as heroes who built America.

sure, some immigrants reached their dreams in the USA, but the
majority is them is marginalized by the USA’s population because
they are “stealing” their jobs for example, so these immigrants
just try to find a little job and try to survive and this wasn’t in
their expectations at all ! They wanted to become rich to help their
families, but their finally rejected by current American’s politic
decisions. So we can contest this American Dream because he becomes
true only for a minority of the immigrants, the rest of them could
just gain enough to eat.



Je trouve ton texte très bien, très construit, développé. Je pense que tu as toutes les chances d'avoir une excellente note !
Je trouve que ce que tu as préparé est bien et puis tu remplieras largement tes 5 minutes avec ça
Bon courage !