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le texte :

a land of legends at the other end of the world, whose spellbinding
landscapes are populated by strange animals. An island continent that
boasts a unique culture.

with the Australia kangaroos, koalas, Platypus etc... Imagine the
clothed Australians of a Bodysuit, a surfboard in hand, ready to soar
in a turquoise sea out of work.

culture is one of the oldest in the world to be still practiced.

Aboriginal peoples, who live in communities, also hold their own
beliefs, based on the principle founder and joint of the dreaming
(dream). It is in this dream world that different minds created the
universe and the laws that regulate it. The basis of Aboriginal
spirituality is to honor those spirits as well as those of the dead
individual.Aboriginal people were the first inhabitants of the
Australia, before English settlers from taking advantage of these
lands in the 18th century. Hunted, massacred and then assimilated by
force, aborigines are still too often regarded by the white
population as second-class Australians.

is very important in the lives of Australians. More than a simple
leisure, it is a factor of local and national identification.

spaces and climates are conducive to the practice of hiking, golf,
horse riding, mountain biking, tennis...

heritage is obvious: the most popular sports are lerugby, cricket and

Australia, you can ski winter! There are indeed many stations between
Victoria and southern NSW.

Australia is (and was) largely on the beach. More than a hobby, it is
almost a way of life.

course, all watersports are practiced along the beaches of fine sand.
In the first place, surfing, especially on the Gold Coast. But as
kite-surfing, windsurfing... and better yet dive in the middle of the

Australia has an impressive number of natural parks and reserves.
These protected areas allow the preservation of certain plant and
animal species.In addition to the Uluru national park (Ayers Rock), a
spectacular geological formation, include the Kakadu national park
(Northern Territory), an archaeological and ethnological reserve.
Include Myall Lakes and Noosa national parks.The great barrier reef,
Queensland, contains an outstanding marine fauna and the largest
coral all over the world.

most accessible activity certainly remains hiking in the middle of
these fantastic landscapes (the bushwalking), desert (outback) or
national parks, all choices are available to you. For a more exotic
experience, it is possible to make walks to horse or camel.

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l'australie a un impressionant nombre de parcs naturels et de reserves naturelles.


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l'activité la plus accessible restera surement la randonnée au milieu de ces magnifiques paysages, desert ou parcs nationaux tous les choix sont possibles pour vous. pour une experience plus exotique, il est possible de se promener a cheval ou a chameau.