Bonsoir a tous !
J'ai une biographie a faire pour lundi en anglais et je voudrais qu'on me corrige les fautes svp.
C'est une biographie sur Taylor Swift :
Once upon a time...Taylor Allison Swift ! She was born in december, 13th 1989 in Pennysylvanie (United States) and she is a singer and sometimes actress. She has written 4 albums : "Taylor Swift" in 2006, "Fearless" in 2008, "Speak Now" in 2010 and "Red". Taylor is preparing a fifth album. Swift receives a lot of Awards and Prize. She has written the album Speak Now alone ! The singer is inspired by heart broken for this songs like "All Too Well" againt Jake Gyllenhaal, Better Than Revenge about Joe Jonas, I knew you were trouble about Harry Styles and Back To December about Taylor Lautner. Her family support very Taylor : her little brother Austin, her mom Andrea and dad Scott. Taylor's best friends is Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran, Lily Aldridge, Sarah Hyland ...

Facts about Taylor Swift :
When Taylor was children, she was written a book with princess of 350 pages !
Swift has rise in Pennysylvanie with his family on a beautiful house with a big garden and a lot of trees and a tractor...

Why I love Taylor ?
I love Taylor because she is pretty, nice and attentive with his fans (Swiftie !).My favorite album of Swift is "Red" and my favorite sing of the world is "Everything Has Changed" 'cause I like the clip. He is very cute and perfect for me. Bye ;)



Facts about taylor swift:
 In a early version of Mary's song. the proposal take place at restaurant. instead of at their favorte stop in town .
why you love taylor it's better to say : 
girls can relate to her. She sings about what many teenage girls go through (In all honesty basically none of her songs apply to me, a teenage girl, but they certainly apply to other teenage girls). So, she's a role model to them.

Merci beaucoup pour les infos en + :) Mais est ce que mon texte n'a pas de fautes ?