a bouldering champion

18 year old katy whittaker has justwonn the british bouldering championshis katy has enjoyed climbing since she was six and she has competed in both national and international competitios

katy has climbed in France ;spain and italy with her family who are real adventurers! her parents have always suported her climbing career and they have also taken her skiing and Snowboarding;katy hasnt finished her studies yet but she manages to combine school and climbing; her future plans? she hasn t decided what to do for a job but shecan t imagine life without sport i haven t tried surfin yet i d love to do that says katy we wish her luck!

1) what s the name of the gir?

2)how old is she ?

3)what is her nationality ?

4) what has she just won ?

5)how old was she when she started practicin clibing,?

6)pick out the names of the countries where katy has already climbed

in the text find the equivalent for


participer a (une competition)

arriver a


voila mon dm d anlais merci de m aider je suis dyx et l anglais et tres dur pour moi



1°) Her name is Katy.
2°) She is 18 years old.
3°) Katy is british.
4°) She just won the british bouldering championship.
5°) She was 6 when she started.
6°) escalad : climb 
participer à une compétition : compete
arriver à : manage to combine 
aventurier : ___
la question 6 stp c est quoi la reponse
aventurier : adventurers :)
6)pick out the names of the countries where katy has already climbed c est cette question que j ai pas compris ta reponse merci pour tout
 1. Her name is Cathy 
 2. She is eighteen years old
 3.She is british.
 4.She has  just won the British Bouldering Champions.
 5.She had six years when she started praticing climbing.
 6.France , Spain , Italy  and Britain.
   escalad = climb
   participer à une compétition: take part in a competition 
   arriver à : reach to 
   adventurier : adventurer