A) Where in Scotland? b) Are you going to get it? c) Where do they live now? d) Should we wait any longer? e) How long has she owned the pullover? f) When are you guys planning to meet? g) Are you planning to go? h) What do you think they would like to be when they grow up? i) What did you do to make her say that? j) How come, did you guys have an argument? 

A.)Where are you from? ou Where do you come from?
b.)How much does this dress cost ? 
c.)How far do they live from here ?
d.)How long have you been waiting ?
e.)Which pullover did she buy ? or Which pullover color did she choose ? 
f.)What did she do?
g.)How long does a Paris-Madrid journey take ?
h.)What does she want her children to do? or What does she expect of her children?
f.)Will you stay if he asks you to ?